1. Object Pool Pattern

The object pool creational design pattern is used to prepare and keep multiple instances according to the demand expectation.

1.1. Implementation

package pool

type Pool chan *Object

func New(total int) *Pool {
    p := make(Pool, total)

    for i := 0; i < total; i++ {
        p <- new(Object)

    return &p

1.2. Usage

Given below is a simple lifecycle example on an object pool.

p := pool.New(2)

select {
case obj := <-p:
    obj.Do( /*...*/ )

    p <- obj
    // No more objects left — retry later or fail

1.3. Rules of Thumb

  • Object pool pattern is useful in cases where object initialization is more expensive than the object maintenance.
  • If there are spikes in demand as opposed to a steady demand, the maintenance overhead might overweigh the benefits of an object pool.
  • It has positive effects on performance due to objects being initialized beforehand.
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