Network programming with Go


v1.0, 27 April 2012 An e-book on building network applications using the Google Go programming language (golang)

v1.0, 27 April 2012 一本关于如何使用Google的Go语言编写网络应用的电子书

This book has been revised to cover Go 1. The book is not complete, and also Go is expected to introduce more packages as it evolves.



  1. Architecture/架构

  2. Overview of the Go language /Go语言概括

  3. Socket-level Programming/Socket编程

  4. Data serialisation/数据序列化

  5. Application-Level Protocols/应用层协议

  6. Managing character sets and encodings/管理字符编码

  7. Security/安全

  8. HTTP

  9. Templates/模板

  10. A Complete Web Server/一个完整的Web服务

  11. HTML

  12. XML

  13. Remote Procedure Call/远程过程调用

  14. Network Channels/网络 Channels

  15. Web Sockets